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The Best iTunes Data Recovery Software—Extract Lost/Deleted iPhone/iPad/iPod Data from iTunes Backup

In daily life, we may encounter troublesome things like beloved iOS devices get damaged/stolen, iPhone failed to update, virus attack, etc. What’s worse, data stored in the facilities will go away at the same time. But the good news is that a possible way to recover lost data in iPhone/iPad/iPod is still available. All you need is an iTunes data recovery tool.

Top 5 Reasons Lead to Data Loss in iOS Devices

Delete by mistake or on purpose. One moment, you delete contacts, photos, notes, etc.; next minute, you realize that these deleted files are something of value. You attempt to save or preview vital files, but wipe them accidentally. Such kind of things isn’t rare. iOS devices get broken or lost. Sometimes, disaster that iOS devices are damaged by water, heavy things or stolen is inevitable. Fail to update to the newest system. When you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 6/7, you may be taken to recovery mode if update failed in the middle. And then all user content will be erased. An iTunes backup extractor can help a lot if you had previously synced with iTunes on your computer. Jailbreak trouble. To run software not authorized by Apple, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch users remove the limitations on Apple Inc. devices, which is called iOS jailbreaking. Useful as it is, it will bring in some dangers such as data loss as well if you don’t perform jailbreak properly. Virus invasion. Virus attack is very severe nowadays. iOS devices may be infected by virus when clicking a malicious link or connected to a computer bearing virus. Malicious virus code corrupts File Allocation Table, Boot Sector and Root Directory and then results in data loss.

Basic Features an iTunes Data Recovery Program Should Own

* Intuitive interface and simple guide for better user experience. * Wide support for numerous operating system and devices. * Good performance in scanning and recovery. * Preview available before file recovery. * Support iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data recovery even without iOS devices connected.

How to Recover Data from iTunes Backup?

It is really annoying when you lost important contacts, photos, videos, notes, messages. But if you synced with iTunes before, it becomes easier. You can get it from iTunes backup. Unfortunately, you cannot preview and recover files selectively in iTunes backup files without the help of an iTunes backup extractor. Actually, there’s an affordable and smart iTunes data recovery app—Softtote iTunes Data Recovery for Mac which allows users to restore lost/ deleted data in iOS devices from iTunes backup files. Why not take a few minutes to learn about the recovery process? Here, let’s take iPhone photo recovery as an example. Step 1 Free download and run Softtote iTunes Recovery for Mac.
Below window will pop up when you click on the app icon. For a happy user experience, this iPhone data recovery tool enables users to try trial version before purchase. Register or Free Trial
Step 2 Specify iTunes backup file to scan.
All backup files on this computer will be imported automatically. Please select a target one based on backup file information. And then start scan. Choose a Backup File to Scan
Step 3 Preview and recover.
After quick scan, files will be sorted clearly as below screenshot. And then click "Camera Roll" for preview. Check the boxes to recover if target files are located. Select Photos to Preview and Recover
Step 4 Save files.
After clicking "Recover", you’re required to specify a path to save recovered photos. So, very easy! As you can see, all of this is on the condition that you previously synced with iTunes, however.