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Powerful Android Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Lost & Deleted & Damaged Photos

As we all know, 3 main operation systems have been widely used in phone at present. What are they? They are Windows, iOS, and Android. For most phone users, Android operating system is easy and most phones support that system. However, no matter which system the phone users use, it is unavoidable to come across data lose. Thus, how to avoid data loss has attracted many phone users. No need to worry, the best solution is to possess an Android data recovery program.

How can Android Phone Store Data?

I think most phone users know that there are two kinds of memory: internal phone memory and SD memory card. Right? Internal phone memory card seems small for us, because we need to store video, music, image, photo, etc. As a result, we choose a bigger storage card for us to save things in phone. That is SD card. Based on different requirements, different people will select different SD memory card. So, when we lost data in our phones, it was lost from internal phone memory or SD card. If the data is from the former one, it may be unavailable to get them back unless we have backups. However, if it was from SD card, that would be a piece of cake as long as it hasn’t been overwritten. Thus, Android data recovery becomes SD card recovery. Just connect our phone to our Mac computer.

Softtote Mac Data Recovery for Android Phone & Video Recovery

Is it available for mobile photo recovery? Yes! As mentioned above, it is just for SD card recovery. By using Softtote Mac Data Recovery, all the lost data can be got back in SD card. Let’s see what this Android data recovery software can do. File Recovery This feature allows us to scan all types of lost files, including audio files, documents, photos, etc. No matter they are damaged, lost, virus attached, or inaccessible, they can be scanned by this Mac software. Photo Recovery Even the name being called Photo Recovery, it can be recovered different types of audio files, photos, images, videos, etc. It can deep scan our SD card and retrieve our personal files. Lost Partition Recovery It can deep or quick research our lost partition, and deep and quick scan lost files in lost or deleted partition. Main Interface of Android Data Recovery Software
No matter we use Android photo or other portable devices, it can easily get back our losing data. As its name, this Android data recovery software can also retrieve Mac deleted photos, videos, documents and so on. It supports Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6 & 10.7 & 10.8. For detail steps to recovery SD card, please refer to article "How to Perform SD Card Recovery Successfully?"

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