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Great Data Recovery Mac Software – Data, File and Photo Recovery with Ease

Softtote Data Recovery Mac Tools
– Simplify Mac Data, Files and Partitions Recovery Task

Increased Mac Data Loss Rate

Nowadays, many people lose files, on Windows or on a Mac. And sometimes we will delete important data by mistake. When we realize that the deleted files are needed, what’s worse, we have already emptied the trash after deleting. Actually, anyone who use computer will lose data sooner or later due to OS crash or some other disasters.

Forum Post Regarding Mac Data Recovery Issue

"I accidentally deleted the wrong External Hard Drive on my Mac. I had an external hard drive with 3 partitions. It had a partition with a disk image of the 10.5 install disc, a partition with the 10.6 install disc, and then a data drive with data in. I accidentally erased the drive with disk utility and created 3 new partitions of different sizes. I have not yet copied any data onto the partitions and wanted to use a data recovery software to retrieve the 3 different partitions. Which is the best data recovery Mac software to use for this?" – From Macrumors

Data Recovery Software for Mac from Softtote
– For Lost, Deleted, Formatted Photos, Videos, Audios and Partitions.

According to the question, we can see the asker lost his partitions by accidental deletion, so is there any solution for deleted partition retrieve? The answer is YES, there are many Mac data recovery tools in the market, and Softtote Mac Data Recovery software is one of handy Mac OS X apps that designed to find and recover lost, deleted files or formatted partition(s) from Mac-based hard disk. It is given elegant and straightforward interface, so even the novice can use it to process recovery task.

Various Recovery Tools for Different Files

Softtote has four Mac Data Recovery editions for different file types retrieve. They are Free Mac Data Recovery, Mac Data Recovery, Mac File Recovery and Mac Photo Recovery. Free Mac Data Recovery Unlike other free mac data recovery tools, Softtote free data recovery for Mac has no size limit on recoverable file. It scans all file types and partitions, and supports bmp, jpg, png, tif, mp3 file recovery. Free Mac Data Recovery
Mac File Recovery This edition contains three separated key functions: file, photo and documents recovery. We are allowed to choose the exact one to find our target files in direct way. Mac File Recovery
Mac Photo Recovery The photo recovery designed alone mainly for photo, music and video recovery only. It can be used for recovering photos from the SD/flash card in various digital cameras including Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Fuji, etc. Mac Photo Recovery
Mac Data Recovery This edition contains all powerful features that above tools possess and is given partition recovery ability. In the main window, it drops three buttons to let you to confirm the exact file types you want to recover. And of course in the later guide, it also shows preview for you to determine the target files. All these done, it will take several minutes to get the recoverable files. Mac Data Recovery
So, if you need recovery software for Mac, you can consider Softtote Data Recovery tools. All of these editions can perform complete scan ability to find all possible files and recover them back to life in an easiest way. Go to download center to try.

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