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Brief Introduction to Mac Free Data Recovery Software

When mention about software, the first thought come into our mind is freeware. Generally speaking, most computer users prefer to use free software to solve problems,and Mac users are no exception. Today, I will recommend you a piece of free Mac data recovery software, whose name is Softtote Mac Data Recovery Free. It is a free version for Mac users to get back files, and it supports Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6 & 10.7 & 10.8, even the latest 10.9.


Concise, clear and friendly interfaces are the main characteristics of this Mac data recovery freeware. Its friendly design will provide a handy guidance for novice or inexperienced Mac users. The layout directly presents different recovery modes, so that you can easily pick out your choice. Every recovery mode will show you explanation about its function when you put mouse on the image. Interface of Softtote Mac Data Recovery Free


  • File Recovery
  • It will scan all your deleted, lost, formatted, corrupted and inaccessible files, photos, videos, documents, audio files and so on. It supports two kinds of scan modes: quick scan and deep scan. When you choose a hard drive, it will deep scan the lost files. However, if you select a partition, it will do the research with deep and quick scan. Also, you can filter file types, and scan for deleted files or all files.
  • Photo Recovery
  • This recovery mode just supports one type of scan. That is deep scan. So, there is no difference whether you choose hard disk or partition. Also, it allows you to scan for photos, images, videos, audio files, etc. No matter these lost files are deleted, or formatted, it will find them back.
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • It is almost the same with File Recovery. However, before you choose the partition, it will do quickly search or completely search at the first step. If it finds the lost partition, it will begin to scan the lost files.

Device Supported:

Although this free Mac data recovery software only supports recovering bmp, jpg, png, tif and mp3 recovery, it is still available for different storage devices. What's more, there is no limitation for scan and preview all your lost files. Therefore, if lost files are located by this free app, you can upgrade to full version to recover. How many storage devices does this free data recovery software support? The answer is a lot of devices. It works well in external hard drive recovery, SSD data recovery, USB drive data recovery, SD card recovery, digital camera photo recovery, memory card recovery, Android phone recovery, etc. However, if you want to recover other types of files, you’d better purchase an official one.


If you just want to recover bmp, jpg, png, tif, and mp3 file formats, this free Mac data recovery software is perfect enough for you. Its powerful functions will easily retrieve your lost files back. Now, just free download it to have a try!

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