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How to Recover Deleted Emails with the Help of Mac Email Recovery Software?

In our daily life, communication is becoming more and more important. For most people, email is an important tool for communication. As we all know, if we lost emails, we will lose contact with our friends. Right? So, email is an essential part for our life. However, we cannot make sure everything is fine. That is to say, we may delete emails due to different reasons. After losing, how to recover deleted emails?

Is it possible for Mac Email Recovery?

Generally speaking, when we delete something, they will be put into recycle bin, but, it is a different thing for deleting emails. They won’t be put into trash bin, and we cannot find them after deleting. In this case, how could we do? Actually, it is possible to recover deleted emails with Mac email recovery software, but the precondition is they haven’t been overwritten by new files on our Mac. Softtote Data Recovery for Mac is an amazing Mac email recovery tool for deleted email recovery. It can deep scan all types of our deleted or lost emails. Want to retrieve deleted emails? Now, have a look about how to retrieve.

How to Recover Deleted Emails with Mac Email Recovery Software?

This Mac email recovery tool majors in Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6 & 10.7 & 10.8. Before the recovery steps, please first download and install it. Then, register it with license code. It is also available to use Free Trial for scan, and then purchase it for license code. Step 1 Choose File Recovery Mode
Select Target Partition
Step 2 Select Target Partition
Choose Search Type
Tips:By clicking "Option", we can do some set up for scan. If we choose partition, it will do deep and quick research, while choose disk, it only do deep research. Step 3 Choose Email to Recover Choose Email to Recover
Tips: No matter we tick Found Files (quick research result) to recover or not, it will be automatically created on our new storage path. It is also available to create a new folder for reconstructed files. One more thing, the new storage path should not be the same with original one. Now, just free download it to have a try! Good luck!

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