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How to Realize Mac BMP File Recovery?

BMP stands for Bitmap image. It’s a kind of image format, like jpg, tif, png, and so on. BMP files can be divided into two categories: Device-Dependent Bitmap (DDB) and Device-Independent Bitmap (DIB). It is widely used to store pictures or digital images. What should you do if you lost BMP files? Just give up getting back files? Don’t be discouraged. BMP file recovery is not so difficult if you get a perfect tool. Here, a program to free recover BMP picture file for Mac will be introduced.

Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery

Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery is an advanced tool which provides complete data recovery solution. It can recover png, tif, jpg, bmp and music files for free. Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery main interface

How to recover BMP files with this program?

Step 1 Download Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery and install it. Don’t install and run it in the disk where your files lost to avoid overwriting.
Step 2 As you can see from the main interface, three modes are provided: File Recovery, Photo Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery. You can choose file recovery or photo recovery to get BMP files back. Here, let’s show you how to operate Photo recovery. And the operation of file recovery is same as below steps. Double-click Photo recovery and get below interface. Then select your volume.
Select Target Partition
Step 3 Click "Next" and get scanning interface. It will read your volume sector by sector. Elapsed time and estimated time are for your information to predict how long it will take.
Step 4 After scanning, files will be categorized by file type. As for BMP picture recovery, you just need select BMP. Before recovery, you can use "Perview" function to check if the files are what you need. Select BMP files to recover
Step 5 Select files and click "Recover". And then a dialogue box will pop up to ask you to save files. It’s highly recommended to save the recovered files on another drive, or the lost or deleted files could be overwritten. Yes. Only a few simple steps, BMP file recovery success. As you’ve seen, Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery is very powerful and professional. Nevertheless, expert or novice, it’s the best way to get your important files back.

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