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Powerful Mac Data Recovery Tool for CF Card Recovery

About CF Card

CF card, short for Compact Flash card, has been widely used in most portable electronic equipment, like camera, camcorder, DALR, music player, etc. What does it do? It is used to store photos, videos, audio files and other multimedia files. As we all know, CF card brings so much convenience for us in digital life. Due to different reasons and wrong actions, the files on CF card may lose occasionally. Since it stores our photos, videos or other else, it is an urgent thing to do CF card Recovery.

How to Do CF Card Data Recovery Easily and Perfectly?

Maybe we have doubts that it is impossible to recover the lost files. Well, let me tell you. Since we deleted or formatted CF card, the data still be there if it hasn’t been overwritten. That is to say, if we can find one of CF card recovery software, it is workable to recover them back. Cannot believe it? Now, let’s see how this magic happens. (Please connect CF card to Mac computer firstly.) Step 1 Free Download Mac CF card recovery program (Softtote File Recovery for Mac) and install it. Then, open it and try to use Free Trial firstly. (If this software can scan the lost files, it is ok to purchase it afterwards.)
Step 2 There are 3 recovery modes. Please choose Photo recovery to go on.
Choose Recovery Mode for CF Card
Step 3 Select the target CF card and click "Next" to scan. Step 4 In the searching result, the results will be presented on the left side. There is an overall folder named Reconstructed Files. Below that folder are the lost files on CF card. Tick up one or more files to preview and then click recover. (If we don’t purchase it, the Recover button is greyed out.) Select CF Card Files to Recover
Step 5 After clicking Recover button, there is a window showing up. Please select a storage path to store the reconstructed files. It is also available to create a new folder to save the files. Easy? If someone still cannot believe the process of SanDisk CF card recovery, why not free download it to have a try now? Besides, it also supports flash card recovery, document recovery, and so on.

Reasons for CF Card Losing Data

No matter we didn’t use CF card every day, it doesn’t mean the data on CF card is as safe as we imagine. There are so many reasons for data loss on SanDisk CF card. Some of them are listed as below:

  1. 1. Unintentional deletion
  2. 2. Malicious virus attacked
  3. 3. An error message like “no image found”
  4. 4. Upload image to computer when power failure
  5.      ...
All the reasons mentioned above can cause data loss in CF card. If we encountered these situations, don’t worry! Everything will be fine if we have this Mac CF card recovery software. See Also: