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How to Recover GIF File on Mac OS X?

Are you amused by those funny dynamic pictures in the World Wide Web? Do you know the file type of such pictures? Now let’s learn more about this kind of file—GIF. GIF, short for Graphics Interchange Format, is a bitmap image format that was developed by CompuServe in 1987 and is widely used on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability. The data of GIF image file is compressed by variable-length compression algorithm. Another amazing feature is that GIF image file can store several color images. Thanks to this feature, a simple animation can be made by reading data of several images storing in a file one by one and displaying in screen. This is how the funny dynamic pictures produce. Have you deleted or formatted GIF files by mistake? Or did you unplug your camera card or other storage devices from Mac while it was still processing? Did you lose your GIF files due to virus attack or other unknown reasons? Don’t be upset. GIF files can be recovered with Softtote Mac Photo Recovery. Now let’s recover GIF on Mac step by step with this powerful GIF picture recovery tool. Step 1 Free download here and launch it on your Mac.
Step 2 Select your drive.
Just choose "Photo", if you only want to recover GIF picture file for Mac. Selecting "Only scan deleted files" can make this program run faster.
Select drive and file type to scan
Step 3 Scan drive as request.
Photo recovery tool will read drive sector by sector and give you estimated scanning time for information.
Scanning interface
Step 4 Select files to recover.
As you can see, all the recoverable files will be listed by file type under your drive. To recover GIF files, just go ahead to double click "Photo" folder, then "gif" folder. Before recovery, "Preview" function is available for you to check if the files are what you need.
Select files and folders to recover
Step 5 Save recovery data.
Note: you mustn’t save recovery data to the drive on which your files lost in case data is overwritten. You can save them in a new folder or the original folder automatically.
This photo recovery tool enables you to recover GIF file successfully whatever causes lead to. And the powerful program can recover music and video files besides photos.

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