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How to Restore Deleted Pictures by Mac Digital Photo Recovery Software?

As we all know, digital camera is an essential tool for us when we go out for tour, because photos taken by cameras can make our memories more vivid . What if all the photos have been deleted, formatted, damaged, and inaccessible. What would we do? Today, we will show an example of how to restore deleted pictures for Mac users. Before procedures being introduced, let’s see the reasons of losing photo.

Reasons of Losing Digital Camera Photos

Losing Data is a common phenomenon for most computer users, including photos, videos, songs, audio files, etc. How could this happen? The reasons are below:
  • * Delete or format photos by mistake
  • * Infected by virus
  • * Taking photos or videos when power off
  • * Unplugging memory card during the write or read process

Mac Digital Photo Recovery Software to Recover Photos from SD Card & Digital Camera

Want to recover lost photo? Softtote Data Recovery for Mac can achieve this goal. It is a professional and reliable Mac photo recovery program, and it supports Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6 & 10.7 &10.8. By using this software, all lost documents, videos, photos, songs, and audio files can be easily got back. However, there is a precondition that the data shouldn’t be overwritten. Now, let’s see how to restore deleted pictures step by step: Step 1 Free download Softtote Data Recovery for Mac and install it. Then, open it and register it with license code. (Free Trial supports scan only and restore several file types. To recover other files, you need to upgrade to full version.)
Step 2 Enter into the main interface, and there are 3 recovery modes. Preview each mode’s explanation and select Photo Recovery to go on.
Select Photo Recovery Mode
Step 3 Choose the target memory card of digital camera device, and then, click "Next" to Scan. It will start to deep scan the device.
Step 4 After scan process, it will present the result of scan in the left column, and the overall folder named Reconstructed Files. Tick one or more photos to preview and recover. As we can see, it can also locate video and audio files.
Select Files to Recover
Step 5 Select the storage path for recovered pictures. It is ok to make a new folder or just let this Mac digital photo recovery software automatically create a folder named Reconstructed Files.
From the steps above, we can see it is easy to recover lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible images, videos and music files from digital camera. Actually, it is also available to recover photos from Mac based hard drives, USB drives and other media storage devices. By the way, if you require photo recovery function only, Softtote Company has released a specified program named Softtote Photo Recovery for Mac. It majors in recovering photo, video, and audio files. I think that program can meet your needs perfectly.

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