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Free SD Card Recovery Software on Mac OS X

SD stands for Secure Digital Memory Card which is a next-generation memory device based on semiconductor flash memory. It has been widely used on portable devices, such as digital cameras, mobile phones and multimedia players, etc. . Every coin has two sides. On one hand, it is very convenient to save files. On the other hand, data easily get damaged, formatted or deleted due to quality difference, improper operation or other reasons. Here, a kind of free memory card recovery program will be recommended. Lost data will be easily restored by this free SD card recovery utility.

Why data in SD card will be lost?

People always find their files lost suddenly and have no idea of the reasons. Here, several common causes are listed for your information.
  • * Deleted by users intentionally or unintentionally
  • * SD cards get damaged and inaccessible
  • * Formatted actively or passively
  • * Pulled out while progressing
  • * Virus invasion
  • * And other unknown reasons

How to regain data by SD card recovery software?

Before we learn how to recover memory card data, we need to figure out why data can be restored even it already get damaged, deleted or formatted. Technically, data will not disappear permanently due to deletion or formatting. The files still remain in your disk and have great possibility to be recovered, as long as you stop using card immediately to avoid data being overwritten. Here detailed steps to run SD card recovery freeware will be presented: Step 1 Free download Mac Data Recovery Software and install it to a location. Please do not install it in original disk. Then launch the program. Below is the main interface.
Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery main interface
Step 2 There’re three modes to be selected. Here, let’s take file recovery for example. Click "File Recovery" and you’ll get below interface. As you can see, free version can only recover bmp, jpg, png, tif and mp3 files.
Select volume to scan
Step 3 Choose your volume and click "Next". It will begin to scan your card. It reads sector by sector. Both elapsed time and estimated time are showed at same time. Scanning interface
Step 4 After scanning, reconstructed files (deep scan) and found files (quick scan) will be listed on the left. All the files are clearly categorized and named by file type. You can preview them before recovery. Select files to recover
The SD card recovery free program can only scan and recover several file types. If your other lost data can be located, why not upgrade to full version now? This free pen drive data recovery software is really easy to operate and recover data without damaging quality.

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