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Recover Data from SSD by SSD Data Recovery Mac Software

SSD is more and more popular around the world. Although it has so many superior features, you never know what will happen next moment. one moment, it works; next, it stops working. How to recover these data from SSD, when your personal data is lost, deleted or formatted occasionally? To achieve this goal, what you need is a SSD data recovery utility for Mac. To begin with, let’s see what SSD is.

What is SSD?

SSD is short for solid-state drive, also known as a solid-state disk or electronic disk. It is a data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. Compared with other storage devices, it has advantages of superior performance, less power consumption, high speed circuitry, lower access time, etc. Also, it reads and writes data by memory chips (typically DDR RAM or Flash Memory).

How to Recover Data from SSD?

To get back SSD data, a useful and powerful SSD data recovery program is extremely important. There are so many programs in the market, and it is really hard to pick up a suitable one. If you are a Mac user, Softtote Data Recovery for Mac is an excellent data recovery SSD tool recommended for you. It provides a plain and simple work. Firstly, please connect your SSD to your Mac computer. Then, just do as follows: Step 1 Free download and install Softtote Data Recovery Software. Then, launch it to enter into the main interface. There are 3 recovery modes: File Recovery, Photo Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery. You can view function explanation when your mouse over each recovery mode. (Take File Recovery as an example.)
Main Interface of Softtote Data Recovery
Step 2 Select your SSD drive and click "Next" to scan. You can also click "Option" to set up file type and scan option. After that, please click "Next" to start research. Note:When you choose disk, the scan mode is deep scan; while if you choose partition, it will do both deep and quick scan. Set up Scan Option
Step 3 After research, it will show the result in the left column. At this time, please pick up the files you want, and then, click "Recover". You can also preview the file by clicking "Preview". Select File to Recover
Step 4 When you click "Recover", a window will pop up to remind you of the storage path. You can make a new folder or just let this SSD data recovery software automatically create a folder named Reconstructed Files. Note: You should not save the restored data in the same path with the original one. In other word, you'd better save the recovered files on another disk. Above are all the steps to recover data from SSD. It is an easy task for Softtote Data Recovery to get SSD data back. Want to try it? Now, just click here to download it!

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