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How to Recover TIF File on Mac OS X 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8?

TIFF, synonym of TIF, is short for Tagged Image File Format. This format is very complex and can store much content. The size of TIF files is three times of GIF file’s and ten times of JPEG’s. This format is mainly used to store images including photos and art drawings. At first, it is popular in Macintosh. But it is supported by mainstream image applications in Windows now. What if TIF files are deleted, corrupted or formatted? Is there any way to fix them? The answer is yes. A free program to recover TIF file will be introduced. In fact, data doesn’t disappear forever after being deleted, corrupted or formatted due to improper operation, system crashes or virus infection. It’s just invisible and inaccessible, because system has cleared up the file names and file entry. Therefore, TIF picture recovery is possible, if no more actions are taken after losing files.

How to free recover TIF picture file for Mac?

Step 1 Free download and install Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery.
This software can recover files, photos and lost partitions. Here, you can choose File Recovery mode to restore TIF files. If you lose files in other storage devices or media tools, you just need connect it to your Mac and operate as follows.
Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery main interface
Step 2 Select drive to scan.
Select drive to scan
Step 3Click "Next" and go to scanning interface.
It will read your drive sector by sector. And it also provides elapsed time and estimated time for your information.
Step 4 Select files to recover.
Reconstructed files (deep scan) and found files (quick scan) are listed on left table. All the files are categorized and named clearly by file type. To recover TIF picture, you just need find photo folder, double click "tif" folder and then search for lost files by preview function or file names. You can view it as below screenshot or get larger picture by selecting file and clicking preview button. This is really a customer oriented setting.
Select files to preview and recover
Step 5 Select files, click "Recover" and select path to save.
Please note that recovery files can’t be saved to previous location where tif files lost. You’d better save on another drive to keep data from being overwritten.
Is it simple to operate? Don’t hesitate. Just try this best free software to rescue your lost TIF files immediately. What’s more, lost bmp, jpg, png, tif and mp3 files can be restored as well by this powerful software.

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