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Mac Unformat Software---Softtote Data Recovery for Mac

Are you at a loss what to do after formatting hard disk or SD card? Still worried about possibility to get data back? Yes, now here is a way out. That is the Mac unformat software, or Windows unformat software. Today will introduce the former one.

Important Points to Keep in Mind after Format

No matter you format SD card, hard disk, external hard drive, or other else on Mac, you should believe that there is one way out. Unformat software has powerful functions, so it is a piece of cake to find data back. However, whether you unformat SD card or unformat hard disk, there are several important points to keep in mind after format. Otherwise, it is unavailable to retrieve lost files, documents, photos, videos, etc. They are:
  • * Don't repartition the formatted hard drive
  • * Don't overwrite it with any data
  • * Don't install any OS or applications on it
  • * Don't reformat it
  • * Don't try any untrusted unformat software

Mac Unformat Software -- Softtote Data Recovery for Mac

Softtote Data Recovery for Mac is one of the most reliable and powerful Mac recovery tools. It works on Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6 & 10.7 & 10.8 &10.9. With its friendly interface, even a novice can easily handle it. Before you purchase this software, you can use Free Trial to scan your lost files. If it can find the lost files, you can purchase it to recover afterwards. There are 3 recovery modes: File, Photo and Lost Partition. File Recovery can scan all types of lost files; Photo Recovery can research your lost photos, videos and audio files; Lost Partition Recovery can locate all lost files on a lost partition. Thus, you can choose the right one by your own choice. Meanwhile, you can also preview the unformat files before recovery. Recovery Modes of Softtote Data Recovery for Mac
For teaching guideline about how to unformat hard disk or SD card, please refer to the articles hard drive data recovery and SD card recovery. Both will teach you how to unformat hard drive or SD card step by step with Mac unformat software.

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