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Tutorial for Mac Document Recovery

Q: As for an office lady, what makes you so successful, because you can handle every document easily? As we all know, we cannot avoid data loss due to virus attack, hardware failure, etc. How do you solve these problems? A:Well. It is an easy case. For most office workers like me, document means all for our work. So, protecting document is so essential. If we can possess a document recovery program beforehand, that will be a great helper. Do you want to be a successful official work? Do you want to avoid data loss? Do you want to recover lost document for your Mac? If your answer are "Yes", the word document recovery softwareSofttote File Recovery for Mac would be your perfect choice. How to recover lost word document? How to recover deleted documents? How to do office document recovery for Mac? Well, please see the tutorial below, you will get the answer.

Tutorial to Recover Lost Document

Cannot believe document recovery? Here is the answer. Actually, the lost or deleted documents are still on the original location but they are invisible. The entry index of the system makes a special mark on the lost data, and if they haven’t been overwritten, it is workable to recover. Before all the steps below, please free download and install Softtote File Recovery for Mac. Then, try to scan with Free Trial. Step 1 After clicking "Free Trial", you will enter into an interface filled with File Recovery, Photo Recovery and Office Recovery. Choose File Recovery to go on.
Step 2 In this step, choose partition or disk to scan lost document. You can also do some set up for scanning files.
Choose Disk or Partition to Scan
Tips: Hard Drive for deep scan, and partition for deep and quick scan. Step 3 Tick up the document folder to preview. If you think it is right, then you can purchase this Mac word recovery software to recover. Select Document to Recover
Tips:The storage path shouldn’t be the same with original one. If you choose partition, there is another overall folder named Found Files, which stands for result of quick scan. With this Mac word document recovery software, you can do your business work with ease. If you still cannot believe, you can download it to have a try. It is really a good Mac data recovery tool worth having.

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