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Recover Lost Files with Mac Format Recovery Software

Reasons for Formatting Mac Hard Drive

With Mac built-in disk manager, you can easily format the hard drive by "Erase" tab. Why need to format? This is because formatting can fix some logical problems of hard drive. Here are some reasons:
  • * To remove virus
  • * Reinstall operating system
  • * Replace damaged file system
  • * Clear the data you don’t want
  • * Repartition the hard drive
Is it possible to recover Mac lost files in formatted hard drive or USB device? The answer is definitely "Yes"! However, if you want to recover formatted files from Mac, the important point is that you should make sure the files haven’t been overwritten. Otherwise, it is unavailable.

Mac Format Recovery Software to Recover Formatted Files from Mac

How to recover lost files? Is it safe? Maybe you will ask yourself about this question. No need to worry, since there is a Mac format recovery program named Softtote Data Recovery for Mac. It is easy to handle and it can make sure the safety. Here is the tutorial: Step 1 Free download this software and install it. Then, register it with a license code. (Free Trial is also workable for scan, but cannot recover files.)
Step 2 In the step, there are 3 scan modes for recovery: File, Photo and Lost Partition. For formatted files, please choose "File Recovery" to recover lost files.
Step 3 Choose the target disk or partition. To set up the file type to research, please click "Option". As for the scan option, please select "For all files". After that, choose "Next" to start research.
Select Target Hard Drive or Partition
Step 4 After researching, there is a result showing in the left column. If you choose partition to scan, there are two overall files: Reconstructed Files and Found Files. If you select disk to scan, there is only one overall file named Reconstructed Files. Tick the file you want to preview and then, click "Recover". Select Files to Recover
Step 5 Select the storage path to save the recovered files. You can also make a new folder for that. Note: If you choose partition to scan, whether you choose the Found Files or not, it will be recovered automatically. The steps above are about how to recover lost files with Mac format recovery software. If you think it is useful, now just free download it to have a try!

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