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Softtote Support Center
General Information
  • Thanks for visiting Softtote Support Center; here you can get some instant solutions through below FAQs. If your question is not answered, you can directly contact us via emails.
  • For pre-sale, after-sale and in the sale of services including quotation, product query, refund query or complaint, please contact sales@softtote.com.
  • For technical support, contact support@softtote.com with clear problem description such as your OS, your purpose, etc., if necessary, related screenshot(s) is much useful for our technicians.
  • P.S. Your email will usually be answered within 24 hours (usually sooner), Monday through Saturday and as soon as possible on the weekends. If you do not receive a response within this time period please check your SPAM or BULK mail box for our reply.
Sales FAQs
Pre-sale FAQs
     You may have any questions before purchasing our program, please check the FAQs and see if your question is answered.
After-sale FAQs
     After completing the order, some unexpected matters will happen. You can check the common cases to find your answer.
Refund Policy
     With products featuring an up to 30-day Money Back Guarantee, you are welcomed to
Technical FAQs
Technical FAQs
     These FAQs clarify technical aspects of using Softtote software; here you can find answers.
User Manual
     You can find the detailed information about the software and get step by step instructions to use the program.