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Check Related Pre-sale FAQs before Purchasing!

If your question is not answered below, please contact Softtote Sales Team for further details.

1. Is my order secure?

100% secure and protected. You can finish the purchase with ease.

2. Which payment platform you support?

We use Regnow DigitalRiver E-commerce, which provides faster and safer ordering service.

3. What is"Extended Download Service"?

"Extend Download Service" is provided by DigitalRiver, which helps you get a copy of your download if you need it again in case of loss, or a computer crash, virus, etc.

4. Do I have to purchase "Extended Download Service"?

"Extended Download Service" will be automatically selected in the cart, you can remove the item by clicking the button in front of the product name in the shopping list, or ticking Remove checkbox.

5. Is that possible to get a refund of "Extended Download Service" only?

You can claim a refund by sending emails to DigitalRiver. Please remember to tell them your order ID so they can process much quickly. RegNow: ordersupport@mycommerce.com

6. What is "Download Protection"?

"Download Protection" is provided by DigitalRiver as well, which could save time and safeguard your purchase. Their Download Protection frees you from the time-consuming - but critical - chore of backing up your new software. You could tick Remove checkbox if you don't need this service.

7. What is Back-up CD?

Backup CD is used for keeping a copy of your product. It is provided by DigitalRiver as well because sometimes your product will get lost due to computer crash or reinstallation, so you can use the backup CD to reinstall the product in the future. You can remove this in the cart if you don’t need this service.

8. How long can I get the CD?

The CD will be sent within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) of the date once received the payment. And it will take 4-12 business days to arrive.

P.S. Please remember to confirm the shipping information before submitting the order. Once the payment is approved, the shipping information cannot be modified anymore.

9. What payment methods and currency do you accept?

Our payment system is managed by Regnow and accepts all major Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Direct Debit, Bank/Wire transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax-Credit Card and Invoice, etc.

10. When will my credit card be charged?

Your money will be charged once your order is processed successfully.

11. Which support options are available?

We mainly provide email support so far. And we do not provide the phone support that because the time difference. But we will consider this support option as soon as possible.

12. Is there any sales tax on such downloadable digital products and services?

Regnow charges applicable sales tax for orders in Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Utah. Sales tax is automatically computed on both product(s) and shipping costs.

Pursuant to the European Union Digital VAT Directive, as of July 1, 2003, European customers will be charged VAT (Tax) on all downloadable digital products and services, including software at 15%.

13. Is that possible to order without sales tax in the US?

Yes. Regnow will gladly credit sales tax for government institutions. To process a tax-free order, please fax or mail a copy of your tax-exempt certificate to Regnow order center along with all of the order details including payment information. Please be sure to include your email address on the fax cover sheet or within the mailed information.

Fax: 1-800-442-3172 (1-952-646-5604 international)
Attn: Tax Exemption
Or Mail To:
RegNow Customer Service ordersupport@mycommerce.com
Attn: Tax Exemption
10380 Bren Road West, Minnetonka, MN 55343

P.S. Regnow is able to process tax-free orders for US organizations only if they receive proof of tax exemption prior to order placement. They are unable to apply the tax exemption to an order that has already been completed.

14. I got the error message "We were unable to verify that the information you entered on the order form is valid", why?

It might because your IP address is blocked by the anti-fraud system. Please contact the customer service department in that case. You will see that and the contact details when you get this error.