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Softtote Software Technical FAQs

We're now gathering more technical questions on this page and will update it soon. Besides, if you have any problem, please contact support@softtote.com, and we will do our best to answer.

1. How to update my Mac App Store version to the standard full version?

To be compliant with the Mac App Store policy for developers, using authorization and asking for the admin password is disallowed. Therefor this special version of Mac App Store is restricted to scanning only external devices. If you want to update your Mac App Store version to the standard full version, please check our solution.

Please do not modify the application you download from mac app store, especially the application's name and path directory, otherwise, will cause the program to fail. After you download this package, please run this application to start up the application you download from app store.

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please contact support@softtote.com for help.

2. Can't show my devices with your software, why?

App Store doesn't accept new apps or app updates, so the version you download or purchase from App Store is not the latest updated version. If you are running the Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, the App Store version cannot read or scan your internal disk(s) or external device(s) at all.

So after purchase from App Store, please go to download the latest version from our website. The new downloaded version will automatically be automatically registered and can read or scan your both internal disk(s) and external device(s). (It will not charge you any longer)

If you have external drives connect to your mac, but our software newest version still can't list your drives for some unknown reasons, you can follow our guide to enable your root user, and run our software under your root user again.

3. How many file formats are your Mac Data Recovery Software support? And what are they?

Our Mac Data Recovery Software covers majority of file formats. Please see our supported File Formats documents.